• Federation with specified powers delegated to the UAE federal government
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    The country is located in the North-Western part of Asia, on the Eastern part of Arabian Peninsula. It is washed by the Persian and Omani gulfs.

    The country is consists of seven emirates: Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi (the capital), Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Umm al-Qaywayn. Governmental system is federal monarchy. Each emirate has its own government; the power is inherited by successors of the monarch. The President of the country is elected for a five year term. Traditionally it is the sheikh of Abu Dhabi. Dubai sheikh holds the power.

    UAE is a country rushing into the future. Nowadays the most rapidly developing emirate is Abu Dhabi, Dubai is also keeping up with it.

  • Dubai:
    Dubai is traditionally divided into two parts: Dubai Jumeirah and Dubai City. Dubai Jemeirah is a coast-resort with world high class hotels and perfect service, recommended for demanding clients. Dubai City is the city center, where you can find 2-5 star hotels, where the guests, as a rule, combine rest with business and shopping. These hotels provide free transfers to beaches of the hotels and Dubai municipal beaches.

  • Sharjah:
    The emirate is the cultural capital of UAE. Most monuments and museums are concentrated here. Sharjah is located immediately near Dubai, that lets you combine shopping and an affordable rest on the beaches of the Persian Gulf, in 3-4 star hotels.

  • Abu Dhabi:
    It is the most rapidly developing region in the country. The democratic, high level hotels combine with affordable prices and fine shopping.

  • Ajman:
    It is the smallest emirate in the country. It offers rest for tourists with diverse finances.

  • Fujairah:
    It is an emirate on the shore of the Indian. It attracts tourists with its gorgeous beaches and rich vegetation.

  • Ras al-Khaimah:
    It offers a budget rest for all tourists. The emirate is distinguished with its fine beaches and democratic prices.

  • Umm al-Qaywayn:
    It is the most silent and isolated emirate situated on shores intended by lagoons. This emirate is recommended for fans of quiet rest.

  • Climate:
    The climate is subtropical, semi-arid, with frequent sandy storms. The hottest month is July, the coldest months are January, February. The average temperature in summer starts from 35 °C and reaches up to 45 °C, and in winter from 20 °C till 23 °C. Hotel pools are warmed up in winters, and cooled down in summers.

  • Language:
    Arabic is the official language. English is also widely spread.

  • Religion:

  • Useful to know:
    Tourists are advised to use taxis or rent a car. It is not acceptable to walk in this country. You should follow rules while boarding: women sit on the back seats. You can also use underground in Dubai.
    It is not acceptable to eat on foot or in motion, as well as to look into one’s eyes while he is eating. You should take food, money and things with your right hand.
    You will be fined 500 Dirham for throwing rubbish, even if you failed the mark near the ash can.
    Do not look in the mosque for curiosity. You should not go around the praying people.
    Women should not wear provocative clothing. According to the laws of Sharjah emirate, women should wear clothing that covers hands, neck and knees.
    The Koran forbids alcohol, but the rules are not very strict for UAE visitors. Sharjah is the only emirate where alcohol is fully forbidden.